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Sexual Assault of a Teen in DC

A strange and disturbing story about a 14 year old girl being sexually assaulted in a car appeared in the Washington Post Crime Scene. While the story is light on details, it says that a masked assailant with a gun robbed and assaulted the teen in a car, around midnight. There was also a 17 year old present in the car with the 14 year old.Many commenters at the Washington post site  are quite brutal, blaming the victim for being out in DC at midnight, and blaming the parents for allowing a 14 year old to be out alone with a 17 year old at that hour.

While facts like this obviously raise questions, it is unfair to judge what really happened based on this very limited set of facts. We don’t know the cirmcumstances that lead to these teens being out.

And regardless of what happened, blaming the victim is cruel. No one deserves a sexual assault, even if bad choices were made by the teens involved.

Lastly, these kinds of news reports often only present limited information about what really happened. The police may not release all the information, and reporters can sometimes leave out important details for any number of reasons.

In any case, we hope to hear positive developments that this assailant is caught by the police.

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