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Metro Transit Police Department Gets License Plate Readers

The Metro Transit Police Department of Washington DC is the latest local law enforcement agency to deploy automatic license plate reader technology.

Automatic licence plate readers scan plate numbers and match the tags with those in databases directly on-board the police cruisers. The speed of the scanners means that the police officer can drive at highway speed, and identify vehicles in the opposite lane who may be flagged in their database.

Typical reasons a car may be flagged would be if it is reported stolen, or if the owner is wanted for criminal warrants, suspended license, or on a terrorist watch list. But ultimately, license plate scanners are collecting vast amounts of data on all citizens.

If the system identifies a car in it’s database, the officer inside is instantly alerted to the proximity of this vehicle so he or she can take action.

According to news reports, the MTPD has 8 police cruisers equipped with these systems. You can expect them to be patrolling the parking lots around Metro stations and finding stolen cars regularly.

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