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DC Gets Tougher Drunk Driving Laws

A new drunk driving laws in the District doubles mandatory minimums for drivers arrested and convicted with a blood alcohol level of .20, or well over twice the legal limit.

Via AP, the new laws increase the mandatory jail term from 5 to 1o days for a DUI that is a second offense or greater, or a high BAC level of .20 for a first time offender.  For even higher BAC levels, the minimum sentence is 15 days in jail for a .25 BAC, and 20 days for a .30.

The maximum sentence for a first offense DUI also goes up to 180 days in jail and fines up to $1000.

Other enhancement to the law include reducing the legal limit to .04 for drivers with a commercial license, such as taxi drivers.

New Breath Test Machine Oversight

In addition, the law moves toward resuming breath test machine use in the District. More than a  year ago, use of breathalyzers was stopped, after some citizens sued the department, claiming inaccurate breath test machine results. The law will work for addition maintenance and testing to insure scientifically accurate results that can stand up in court.

However, use of the breath test machines has still not resumed, and no official date has been set. The department has been relying on blood and urine tests to analyze alcohol consumption in DUI arrests.

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