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Violation of a Protection Order

If you are thought to be in violation of a protective order in DC, you can be facing immediate arrest and criminal penalties. It’s not uncommon to see charges like this levied in a complete misunderstanding. If you are accused of violating a protective order and need assistance, we can help.

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There are a variety of reasons you might be named in a protective order. Whether someone requested a protection order by filling out a petition or if the court ordered you to stay far away from someone—you must abide by the terms set forth.

When you are the subject of a protection order it doesn’t matter if the accusations brought against you are truthful or not—you must abide by the terms until the order expires or is vacated.

For example, if you are facing domestic violence charges which you are innocent of, but a protection order has been entered while the case is pending, you must abide by its terms. As difficult as this may be, you cannot break the terms of the order or you will risk facing additional criminal charges.

If you are found to be in violation of a protection order you may be jailed and face additional misdemeanor charges. This charge carries a possibility of 180 days in jail and fines.

What is a Protection Order?

Protection orders don’t just tell you to stay away from someone, they can do a variety of things. Although most orders vary slightly from case to case, you could find them to do any of the following

  • Restrict phone, email, or text communications,
  • Restrict physical contact,
  • Order you stay away from someone’s home and job,
  • Order child support, or
  • Issue temporary child visitation terms.

If you live in the same home as the alleged victim in a case, a protective order can even require you find somewhere else to stay.

If you are ever the subject of a protection order and worried about violating the terms, consulting with an attorney can help. If you’ve already been arrested and are facing charges of violating, we can help then too.

Contact our offices today to discuss the charges against you and the terms set forth by the court. We can offer a free consultation and discuss what your options are.

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