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If you have been arrested in Washington, DC, you need a local criminal defense lawyer who knows his way around the DC courts system.

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A criminal charge is something no one plans for. But if it’s happened to you, it is something you need to deal with right away.

The consequences of a criminal record in the age of internet background checks can impact you in a hundred ways you can’t imagine, from limiting job opportunities, renting an apartment, or even coaching a soccer team.

Whatever happened to you, you deserve protection in court. You are innocent until proven guilty.

If you are innocent of the charge, then we will use the full force of our office and our legal experience to fight your charges, so the truth comes out.

Even if you made a dumb mistake that you seriously regret, the government still has to prove it’s case against you. And if it’s the right decision to plead guilty, then we can be there to make sure you are treated fairly, and get the best plea deal possible.

As defense attorneys, we know full well that  the system is stacked against you. But many cases that look bad can be beaten in court. And fighting criminal charges in DC courts is what we do.

When your freedom and your future  is on the line, you want to have an experienced defense attorney on your side, with a strong record of success.

Ask us about our experience fighting criminal offenses just like yours in DC courts, and find out what we can do to help. Please contact us today for a free legal defense consultation.